Welcome to Em Concept!

Our Story

It all started with a couple of phone calls from our local brow businesses, asked if we could handle their online presence and keep their social media platforms stay active. Even though, at that time, Em Concept Design was not fully setup, we undoubtfully said yes, and started out on our journey to help new entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Since then, we continuously work to better ourselves, come out with more services and coverage to help new businesses smoothly operate their daily tasks and attract more customers with carefully planned strategies.

More than just a customer to us, your business is ours to be taking care of. You success is our success!

Our Goals

We are so honored to be able to help entrepreneurs & small businesses from our local cities of Houston and Toronto to all over the world feel confident with their online presence. And we care about your brand and will work hard to give you an edge over the competition.

Our goals are to gain as many variety of customers as possible, from the beauty industry like spa, nail and hair salons to clothing and food industry. It is such an exciting ride and we cannot wait to embark on new challenges that the future hold.

Let's talk about your business and bringing your vision to life with creativity & skills from Em Concept Team.


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We cannot wait to see you and connect. Designers are welcome to send us a message to share your experiences as well. See you all soon!

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